Seattle Classic Cars

5202 S. Washington St. Tacoma, WA 98409 206.326.9240

A Classic Car Dealership in Seattle Washington serving the planet up some sweet classics! We ship all over the world and live in one of the best places on Earth to find such wonderful cars. We have over 2000 sold since 2003 and have an excellent reputation on eBay!






Reid Johnson from

                                     is our Video Pro


Things are changing mighty fast around here at Seattle Classic Cars! This company is on fast forward. We are bringing a more detailed approach to our marketing through our descriptions, YouTube videos and an all out effort to bring you some reassurance by meeting the owner through some camera time. We feel getting as much info as possible will help you decide which car is right for you or the client you are working with. We happily ship cars all the way to France, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom and Germany to name a few. We just shipped two of our own to Dubai. Our fingers are crossed!

With the advent of a our new website and some key personal along with a pilot for reality show in the works, we are excited for the future. We plan to sell another 2000 Classics in the next phase of this operation.

If you are local and want a fair price for your car then consider us. If you are looking to have her professionally marketed we can help. We can find your your dream car as well.